SuiteCRM - The World's Number 1 Open Source CRM

Customer Relationship Management software can do so much more than simply manage contacts or sales activity. Although automated marketing and sales processes are the first implementation phase for any business, big or small, these programs remain woefully under used by most businesses.

We have been implementing, configuring and training in CRM since the 1990s, and are leaders in the world’s number 1 open source system, SuiteCRM.

The best way for a business owner to have total control and confidence that the business is operating at peak efficiency and profitability is through the proper use of a CRM system. Yet, most businesses either under-utilize these programs or don’t use them at all.

Using SuiteCRM, we can provide customized CRM solutions for all markets and offers the training and education you need to maximize the benefits these powerful tools afford your business. We can help you modify, automate and integrate your customer relationship management and web presence to increase efficiency, productivity and profit.

SuiteCRM works for all aspects of your business:

The BEST CRM For Sales

With SuiteCRM you have a clear overview of your leads, allowing you to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster. Grow your pipeline and increase the revenue, while staying in full control of your own data.

Manage Your Leads

Fast loading, customizable lead lists views help you detect the best leads with ease, and categorise them accurately. Reduce response time for your clients and spend more talking to them.

Detailed lead views allow you to view all relevant lead information in one single page, allowing you to easily follow up on the lead, update their info and successfully convert them in to a sale.

Control Your Accounts And Contacts

By creating a central repository of your customers, SuiteCRM provides you with a 360 degree view of all important activities, as well as rich history. You get an overview of all accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities and more, so that you can drive value and detect new sales.

SuiteCRM Pricing:

SuiteCRM is itself ‘open source’ and free.  We provide a full installation a hosting service; which makes it ideal for all organizations that require top of the line marketing, sales and business process automation and can do things themselves. The following pricing structures reflect the hosting and support pricing for different user requirements

Single User

$0 / month
  • One Time Setup and Activation $99
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Consulting and Configuration Services Available
  • Upgradable to Unlimited Users

25 User

$35 / month
  • One Time Setup and Activation $99
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 30 GB of storage space
  • Consulting and Configuration Services Available
  • Upgradable to Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

$45 / month
  • One Time Setup and Activation $99
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 50 GB of storage space
  • Consulting and Configuration Services Available
  • Save $1000s compared to Salesforce/Dynamics

Note: Tech Support does not include training or customization/configuration of your environment. (See consulting services for more)

SuiteCRM is a better choice than SaleForce

SuiteCRM is an enterprise level CRM system that competes directly in power and performance with the leading commercial products like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Salesforce would be an attractive proposition if they reduced their charges by 70%.

Salesforce looks nice. Like all software, it has things it’s good at and things that aren’t so good.

We do many Salesforce to SuiteCRM migrations. Universally, the primary reason is the cost of Salesforce. Customers migrate to SuiteCRM because they can do everything they need to do using SuiteCRM but at hugely (circa 80%) reduced cost.

If Salesforce has a hidden secret, it’s that it’s a commoditised business application. They have no magic ingredients. Salesforce does what Dynamics does functionally. SuiteCRM does what Salesforce does functionally. We all know what major CRM applications are supposed to do and we’ve written the software for it. That includes SuiteCRM. None of the major players in this market is markedly different in terms of product functions.

What makes Salesforce outstanding and what you are paying for, is the quality of their sales and marketing machine. In an industry where the average software vendor spends 10-15% of revenue on sales and marketing, Salesforce spends a whopping five to six times more!! 

Most of the money you pay Salesforce is not for software. You’re not paying for research and development  and you’re not paying for service. You’re mostly paying for the machine that sells the software. The substantial advertising campaigns and the sales and marketing teams that are among the most highly remunerated in the industry.

SuiteCRM is the full Enterprise edition. It supports unlimited users and all modules are active.  SuiteCRM has a hugely active 3rd party add-ons community.