SuiteCRM Telephony / SMS Systems

Incredible Telephony Integration

Effective communication is key for any business looking to either minimize support call loads or maximize potential sales. This unique solution provides you with the tools to do just that. Not only is there a deep telephony integration with SuiteCRM, you also get additional features not found in a conventional telephone system. Features like SMS Conversations, Click to Call, voice recordings attached to your CRM records, and more.


Make inbound and outbound calls from SuiteCRM with a single click from any default or custom SuiteCRM modules including Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. The calls can be made via multiple channels: web, desktop, and mobile applications – using the mic and speakers.

Don’t miss incoming calls. Use RT Telephony to forward the call on the basis of agent’s availability.

Let RT Telephony be an operator for you. It can manage extensions and phone directory. With the IVR setting of RT telephony, you can compose a welcome message, manage voice tone, configure incoming calls, prompt your caller with a set of options according to your customized configuration and much more in your Sugar Platform.

RT Telephony is not a one trick pony. In addition to the verbal communication, it supports textual conversations. You can send an SMS instantly or receive them as well. To initiate SMS conversation through Sugar, all you require is RT Telephony integration and the recipient’s number.

Stay notified. Whenever there is an incoming call or SMS, the plugin displays a notification on the user’s screen with the record’s information i.e. name and number. (If the contact is saved and data exists in Sugar).

RT Telephony records every call made or received through Sugar interface. Once the call is over, the plugin automatically saves data in Sugar along with the voice recording and notes taken during the call.

Create Campaign Templates and send your messages to your target list from within RT Telephony. You can also save campaign templates for future use and make the most of our link shortening tool to save character space.

Give your conversations a touch of flavor with emojis. You can use your favorite round little friends in all your text conversations inside RT Telephony. Look for the emoji icon in the chat window to get started!

RT Telephony comes with a streamlined interface that puts the right information exactly where you need it. New features in the Call and SMS section help increase productivity and efficiency.